January 12, 2005

Flash Evolution Exhibition

Call for participation

Creative Cluster (a.k.a artdemo) opens an exhibition "Evolution Cafe - New Generation New Media Artists Make Revolution Your Lifestyle on 21st Century" at BankART Yokohama (Yokohama, Japan) (exhibition web site = http://coolstates.com/evolution/) through February 18th to March 15th.

The exhibition describes creativity of new media art bringing idea of new lifestyle and social style on 21st Century.

In the exhibition, featuring Flash art as new form of visual communication and description show at special section "Flash Evolution" collaborate with Macromedia. The section shows interactive work and opens special screening.

The exhibition is calling for participation your Flash art work for exhibition and screening. "Flash Evolution" screening will show in Tokyo, Sapporo, Fukuoka, nationwide in Japan.

Let's join hottest new media art exhibition on cold New Year in Japan by your cool Flash work!


#Art work created by Flash and able to play or see by Flash Player or movie files on computer (MPEG, QuickTime etc...)
#Not require specific style, interactive, movie, animation, commercial or non commercial all form welcome
#Art work must contain single file
#Art work must have created after 2004
#Art work must be cleared copyright and intellectual property
#Art work must allow to publish the catalogue of the exhibition "Evolution Cafe"


#Send e-mail to Flash Evolution Secretariat (artdemo@coolstates.com)
contain with:
1: Name of applicant
2: Link to your applying flash art work
3: Contacting e-mail address
4: Contacting telephone and fax number
5: Description of artwork by 200 words in English
When sending application, should write "Application for Flash Evolution" by subject
#Deadline is January 31st
#Selected artworks will announce at "Evolution Cafe" Exhibition official site after February 10th and to selected applicant

#Selected interactive artwork will show at "Flash Evolution" at "Evolution Cafe" Exhibition, BankART NYK Studio, Yokohama between February 18th through March 15th
#Selected movie artwork will show at "Flash Evolution Screening" at BankART NYK Studio, Yokohama on term of "Evolution Cafe" Exhibition
#"Flash Evolution Screening" will show nationwide screening in Japan after "Evolution Cafe" Exhibition


#Showing selected your work at "Flash Evolution" Exhibition
#Artist of selected work is presented Macromedia Director MX 2004 or Macromedia Captivate (choosing your like) by Macromedia KK (Japan)
#Selected your work collecting "Evolution Cafe" Exhibition catalogue (Japanese/English)

#Showing selected your work at "Flash Evolution" screening
#"Flash Evolution" screening will show nationwide Japan, Tokyo, Sapporo, Fukuoka etc
#Selected your work collecting "Evolution Cafe" Exhibition catalogue (Japanese/English)

Evolution Cafe / Flash Evolution Secretariat
voice / fax ++81-3 6219 0112
e-mail: artdemo@coolstates.com

Evolution Cafe / Flash Evolution
WEB Site http://coolstates.com/evolution/